beth (beeep_ima_robot) wrote in the_e11,

i saw the early novmeber last night in cardiff..look seeeeee

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jeff & joe are definitely the nicest guys ever! :)
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omfg ya thats my favorite band!! haha. im jealous beyond belief and those boys just got hotter and hotter don't they?! :) how fun!
Aw that's cute! MAN.. November can't come soon enough!! Only um two more months until I see them?
jeff & Ace (?)
I was seriously waiting to see a picture of the sexy Joe Marro.
no, ace was too shy!
That first picture is with Jeff Kummer.
That second picture [with all the girls] is with Ace Enders.

i dont get it.
YES! i know, but i said i liked jeff & joe most, i havn't got any photos of joe..what's not to get?