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Rules & Regs.

#1 noone here at the_e11 (including members) care about your life story. We don't care what cheese you are going to be in your next life form & we don't want to know if you named your goat Billy. If you have a tendancy to do any of these (above) this is not the place for you.

2# Long posts, Pictures that are not put behind LiveJournal cut will be deleted straight away. If you don't know what LiveJournal-Cut is i shall explain what it is but NOT how to use it go to the FAQ for more details.

3# Do not post Quizes, Questions or in SOME cases Polls, None of these are negotiable unless Polls are to do with The Early November's New hair style & stuff to that nature.

4# i don't care if you have problems that are leading you to abbuse other members DO NOT do it or you shall be on the rejected list as quickly as you joined. No Racism, homophobia, sexism & other stuff that may offend people.

So what is The Early November?

A-The Early November are a band that where formed in New Jersey in the US. They have an album out called The Rooms To Cold An e.p called For All Of This & a few extra tracks which include the songs
Left me Spinning
Just enough
Pretty, Pretty
Make it Happen
Make beleive
Open Eyes.
There are four members of the band. Ace, Serge, Joe & Jeff.

I Like The Band now how do I Join?! *Panic*

A- No need to panic the ammount of times i get emails asking me how to join. Simply Scroll to the top of the user info & click the link that says "CLICK HERE" then everything is simple from there on. If still confused email me @LeSsThAnJaKe3687@aol.com.

Damn i'm pissed off how do i use LiveJournal cut?
I shouldn't really explain the FAQ tells all but being the nice person i am i shall explain. Type in the LiveJournal cut Tagg which is < lj - cut text = " cut here " > (with no spaces) at the beginning of your post or at the beginning of the part you wish to cut. If you want to end the cut Simply type in < / lj - cut text = " end cut here " >.

I got all that now, Now how do i get more info?

A- Visit the Website http://www.theearlynovember.net or just contact me shbangx@aol.com or visit my Journal beeep_ima_robot i'm Always welcome to answer your questions & help you a little :).