Jen (punkgirl101) wrote in the_e11,

fellow music lovers...

please help!

My friends' band, WICKER HOLLOW are in a new contest to play with Fall Out Boy and +44 on the Honda Civic tour!

Please help them out by voting for them. If you could all do this everyday for us it would mean the world to them (and me) and you would be helping the band out so much. Please take the 2 minutes out of your day that this requires and VOTE!!!

Go here right now and vote for WICKER HOLLOW, do it everyday and please please please tell everyone. They really  need your help!

when you get there scroll down to the PHILADELPHIA date NOT the NJ date. Then scroll all the way down to W and choose WICKER HOLLOW.

PLEASE do this for them! (and me!)

love you all.

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